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Hand, Arm and Leg Massage - what is it?

The Hand, Arm and Leg massage (feet included) uses a blend of reflexology, Korean and massage techniques.  Because the hands and feet contain a vast number of sensory nerve endings, it makes them extremely sensitive areas of the body. 


Although hand and foot massage techniques appear to have been used for many centuries (the early Chinese, Japanese and Egyptians worked on hands and feet to encourage good health and the Chinese are well known for developing the technique of acupressure thousands of years ago), Korean hand therapy (KHT) is relatively new and has gained popularity over the last 20 years.

What does it involve?

This treatment begins with client lying down on a massage couch (if preferred the client can be seated but for optimum comfort, the lying down position is regarded as the better).  Firstly, a warm-up massage is applied to the arms with oils in preparation for the hand massage.  There are 345 acupressure points in our hands which regulate the internal organs of the body.   When the hand massage is complete, the legs and feet are then massaged starting  with some gentle rotations of the legs to “warm-up” up in readiness for the leg and foot massage.  

NB.  for the leg and foot massage, the client may leave clothing on, including socks, as the massage is still beneficial through clothing. 


Below are just a few conditions this treatment can be useful for:

improve circulation to the hands, arms and legs

help to ease RSI/carpel tunnel syndrome

enhance immune system

reduce stiffness and improve flexibility

help with insomnia

produce a feeling of balance, relaxation and well-being

stimulates lymphatic drainage

the numerous functions of the boy can be stimulated by pressing on specific points on the hands


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